Wednesday, April 9, 2014

What Should I Do If After An Accident I Am Called By A Doctor

Many accident victims find that they were called on the phone the day after the accident by chiropractors or medical doctors offering a free medical exam. You may wonder what is up with these doctors. It is always a good idea to go and see your family doctor first if you have one.

Your family doctor knows your medical history, and should be able to find out what is wrong with you, and if not, refer you to a specific specialist who can figure out what is wrong.
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You see, the most important thing after an accident is that you get a full medical checkup to find every single thing that is wrong with you and that you get all the treatment that is medically necessary and reasonable to get you back to where you were medically the day before the accident.

Your family doctor makes a great witness because he or she usually does not do a tremendous amount of personal injury cases and will therefore most likely not be perceived as very biased.  Many times juries tend to believe family doctors.  Of course, the decision where to treat always belongs to you. Do not let anyone sway you in this decision.

However, in the real world, the family doctor is not always available. Sometimes a family doctor will actually not see patients for injuries from car or truck accidents, may require payment up front, may not take your health insurance, or can make you wait days or sometimes even weeks for an appointment.

Sometimes a person is hurt but has no health insurance and no family doctor. Sadly, in these tough economic times, some cannot even afford gas money to get way across town to their doctor. In these circumstances, personal injury lawyers agree that the most important thing is for their clients to seek necessary medical care where it is available.

The emergency room is a great place to start, but they only do emergency care, not ongoing rehabilitation.  If the emergency room refers you to an outside doctor or specialist, it is a good idea to see that doctor. 

A personal injury lawyer’s first responsibility is to their client. An experienced personal injury lawyer will want the client to be properly diagnosed, treated, and their medical file accurately and honestly documented by a reputable, caring medical professional.  

Many times personal injury clients do not have health insurance and cannot afford medical care, and when this occurs the most important thing is that the client receives appropriate medical care somewhere.  To think otherwise shows a callousness towards the poor and less fortunate victims in Ohio or any state and seeks to victimize them a second time. 

Some chiropractors or medical doctors are better than others, some bill more than others, some have better reputations in the community than others, some provide better treatment options than others, and some provide better, more accurate medical documentation than others. These should all be relevant factors in a person’s decision on where to be treated.  
Again, where the person decides to get this sort of medical care is ultimately up to them. As long as it is accident related, medically necessary, appropriate and reasonable, Ohio law says the party at fault must pay for it. 

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