Thursday, March 27, 2014

A Law To Reduce Drunk Driving In Ohio Is Gaining Attention

Many in Ohio are familiar with the story of Annie Rooney, a local attorney, whose lift was taken by a drunk driver in July of 2013. Now a law called "Annie's Law" is circulating through the statehouse.

This law centers on using an ignition lock breathalyzer device and system that when installed on a vehicle won't allow the vehicle to start if the blood alcohol content is above the legal limit of that state. The dirvier would have to blow into the device before he could start the vehicle.

In Ohio, current law does allow a judge to determne if a 1st time drunk driving offender must use this deveice. The proposed law "Annie's Law" would makeit mandatory for someone convicted of drunk driving to have to have this installed on their vehicle.

This type of ignition interlock device (IID) is being used in some form by all 50 states as a sentencing alternative for drunken drivers.

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