Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Should You Consult A Birth Injury Lawyer

We all know that giving birth or having a close family member give birth should be a time of happiness, joy and excitement. Unfortunately all the hard work and pain that the female goes through results in a new born who has a birth injury.

These injuries can range from small bruising up to actual fractures and other very serous injuries. Sadly injuries occurred during birth have resulted in the death of the baby.

Not all birth injuries are the results of medical malpractice as all efforts by the medical staff may not be enough to prevent injuries and events beyond the control of the doctor or staff can occur.

However there are times when this type of birth injury is the result of a medical error or mistake and by consulting with an experienced birth injury lawyer you can determine if there actually is a claim to be made.

An experience law firm in this field will examine all of the documented medical evidence and other medical records to determine whether the birth injuries of the infant were the result of a medical mistake or error.

A competent birth injury lawyer will have:
a. An extensive network of medical experts and specialists who they can consults with.
b. Experts who can evaluate the medical test results and other medical records to determine whether the physician was negligent of the doctor met the standards of care.
c. They are experienced in evaluating the facts and medical records themselves through their experience with other birth injury cases.
d. They know what evidence is needed and what testing and results are beneficial in proving a birth injury case.

Your attorney will need to determine whether the standard of care was maintain and met during the labor and delivery process.

The following is a good video on how to choose a birth injury lawyerColumbus birth injury lawyer.

If suspect that your baby has incurred a birth injury do your homework and find an experience birth injury law firm who will fight for your rights and hold the medical staff and medical facility accountable.

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