Monday, March 17, 2014

The Insurance Industry and How They Fight Disability Claims

Insurance companies feel that they owe it to their shareholders and to the viability of the their company to protect themselves from disability fraud.

To do this the inusrance company may put in roadblocks that make it difficult for the average individual to file a disability claim on their policy.

Yes you can take the insurance company to court but this can take months and the financial loss you can incur because of not being able to work and the medical expenses can be devastating. Individuals have lost their homes and the money they have ever saved. This type of stress can even put a marriage into terrible.

If you have a disability claim and are getting push back from your insurance company immediately contact a law firm who specializes in disability claims.

On your own it will be difficult for you to fight a large company because they employ they own in-house doctors and nurses. They will examine claims and may even put together information that is not totally accurate to help deny a claim.

These large insurance companies have on staff many medical professionals just to look at your medical records with a fine tooth comb looking for any possible contradictory evidence to fight your claim.

Insurance companies often times hire private detectives to do video monitoring on claimants. Of course they will not show you when you are having difficulty say walking or etc. put will cherry pick your activity to show only when it seems you are doing fine.

There is absolutely no way you can effectively challenge a multi-million dollar insurance company on your own. You owe it to yourself to fight for your rights and hire an experenced disability attorney. Go on the internet today and find a law frim in your area that handles disability insurance claims.

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